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Private Label / Wholesale

Private Label / Wholesale

Why should you become a dealer for Nordic Frost Coffee?

All our coffee is roasted in OUR roasteries and made by Us!

We are a veteran-owned and operated coffee manufacturer located in the United States with two office locations. Headquartered in Houston Texas with a brand office in Seoul, South Korea. We supply coffees of many origins, blends, and flavors. We are also Private Label Coffee specialists. We supply coffee beans and ground coffee to hundreds of leading coffee brands worldwide.

We Support the Little Guy!

Here are the Benefits of working with us:

  • Low MOQ's
  • Low Investment Costs
  • No retail space requirements unlike some of our (cough) competitors
  • At least $2-$4 profit per bag (Low cost and low pricing mean it moves faster) but, you can make your own prices if your private labeling.
  • Option to private label (front label only back still needs our distribution information for compliance)
  • We're never going to IPO or Bring in big outside investors that will force us to increase our prices or require larger quantities
  • You'll be working with veterans from the US, Australia, UK, and other EU countries.
  • WE DONATE TO VETERAN CHARITIES! 50% of every bag.
  • All of our products are with the consumer's health in mind
  • You'll get that personal touch when it comes to customer service (You're not just a number to us. You're family.)

We only ship to the USA right now. Asia coming soon. 

Nordic Frost Branded Products 

Item List Website MSRP Wholesale Retailer Profit Per Bag Total Retailer Cost MOQ Total Retailer Profits Branch Office Location
Morning Raid 4oz $9.99 $6.10 $3.89 $102.00 20 $77.80 USA
Mjölnir's Blend 4oz $9.99 $5.60 $3.39 $92.00 20 $67.80 USA
Blood Eagle 4oz $9.99 $5.60 $3.39 $92.00 20 $67.80 USA
Yggdrasil Organic Hemp Coffee Blend 4oz $9.99 $5.60 $3.39 $92.00 20 $67.80 USA
Særkland Natural 4oz $9.99 $5.90 $3.09 $98.00 20 $61.80 USA



Private Label Products


Item List Suggested Price Wholesale Retailer Profit Per Bag Label Cost Per Bag MOQ Gross Cost Per Bag Gross Cost Total Projected Retailer Profits Branch Office Location
Lion’s Mane & Chaga Coffee 4oz $9.99 $6.10 $2.84 $0.05 100 $5.15 $515.00 $284.00 USA
Brazilian Blend 4oz $9.99 $5.60 $3.34 $0.05 100 $4.65 $465.00 $334.00 USA
Single Origin - Guatemala 4oz $9.99 $5.60 $3.34 $0.05 100 $4.65 $465.00 $334.00 USA
Organic Hemp Coffee Blend 4oz $9.99 $5.60 $3.34 $0.05 100 $4.65 $465.00 $334.00 USA
Single Origin - Ethiopia Natural 4oz $9.99 $5.90 $3.04 $0.05 100 $4.95 $495.00 $304.00 USA


There is a 5 day lead time on all orders. 5-10 days for delivery.

For Nordic Frost Brand wholesale orders please sign up at the following link to place your order:

For Private Label Brand wholesale orders send us an email at or Text/Call Scott Hecker at (337) 435-0890

After order is placed for private label an invoice will be sent out. Once invoice is paid we will begin preparing your order.

Private label logo's should be sent to: