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Who is Nordic Frost?

Nordic Frost Coffee was founded by Josh and Scott, two former military service members with a passion for quality coffee and a deep appreciation for their Nordic ancestry.

Growing up, Josh and Scott were both raised in families that valued hard work, discipline, and a strong sense of community. These values stayed with them as they entered military service, and eventually led them to a shared love of coffee.

As they traveled the world during their service, Josh and Scott discovered the rich coffee culture of the Nordic countries, where coffee was not just a beverage, but a way of life. They were drawn to the high standards and attention to detail that went into every cup, and they knew they wanted to bring that same level of quality to their own coffee company.

So, after their military service ended, Josh and Scott set out to create Nordic Frost Coffee. They traveled to the coffee-growing regions of the world, working with small-scale farmers to source the finest beans and carefully curating their blends to achieve the perfect balance of flavor and depth.

In every aspect of their business, Josh and Scott are guided by the values of their military service and their Nordic heritage. They strive for excellence in all they do, from the way they roast their beans to the way they serve their customers. They also pay homage to their ancestry through their company's name and logo, which are inspired by the cold, crisp landscapes of the Nordic countries.

Today, Nordic Frost Coffee is a thriving company that is known for its commitment to quality and its dedication to honoring its roots. Whether you're a fellow military veteran or simply a coffee lover with a sense of adventure, you'll find something to appreciate in every cup of Nordic Frost Coffee.


Meet Our Teams

The Nordic Frost Coffee team is a group of passionate and dedicated coffee professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality artisan organic coffee to our customers. Our team includes expert baristas, roasters, and educators who have a deep love and understanding of coffee.

Joshua Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Hecker

Chief Marketing Officer

Our Roasting Process

Nordic Frost Coffee's signature "Split Roasting" technique involves roasting the coffee beans in two stages. During the first stage, the beans are slowly roasted at a lower temperature to gently bring out the inherent flavors and aromas of the beans. This stage is meant to preserve the natural characteristics and unique flavors of the coffee beans.

During the second stage, the beans are rapidly roasted at a higher temperature to add the desired level of body and intensity to the final coffee blend. This stage helps to fully develop the flavors and create a bold and robust cup of coffee.

This split roasting technique is designed to bring out the best flavor and maximize the health benefits of the organic coffee beans. It helps to preserve the natural, wholesome qualities of the beans while also creating a full-bodied and flavorful cup of coffee. The end result is a delicious and aromatic coffee that is packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

Texas Headquarters

17350 State Hwy 249, Ste 220, Houston, Texas

Monday to Friday : 9am to 5pm

South Korea Branch

서울특별시 강남구 강남대로 94길28, 701호

Monday to Friday : 10am to 7pm

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