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Influencer Coffee Branding

Influencer Coffee Branding

Our Coffee & Your Brand:

Brand recognition has become a cornerstone of any successful business. Especially for influencers that are looking to start their own business while traveling. Competition exists in nearly every market, so customers are more inclined to purchase from businesses they know & trust. So stop promoting someone else's brand and start promoting your own with our private label coffee.

Here's How It Works;

  • Pick Your Coffee: We have a wide range of coffees available in our custom labeling program and we will work with you to find the perfect option of beans to represent your brand!
  • Design Your LabelWork with us in picking the perfect elements to label your product OR if you are particularly artistically inclined; we will give you the specifications to design to and you can completely customize your dream label! Labels are included in the cost of the bag. 
  • Use Our Store: You never have to worry about additional costs associated with starting your own brand. We will put your brand package on our website and keep your coffee in our warehouse. You just need to worry about promoting your product.
  • Dropshipping Direct: We know when you're traveling. The last thing you want to worry about is processing orders and getting to your nearest shipping location to send out the package. Don't worry. We'll ship it directly to your customers for you.

Let's Talk Numbers:

  • Name Your Price: As you sell your product using our store and dropshipping program. We allow you to make the most out of your brand. You name your price. We list it at that price.
  • Leverage Our Customer Base: Whenever anyone buys your bags of coffee. You earn. Regardless, of whether or not you send them or they're one of our customers.
  • Offer Subscriptions: When your customers buy your coffee using a subscriptions. They save money and continually support you and what you do. Never worry about constantly reminding them to buy.
  • Profit Sharing: Obviously we need to make money doing this as well. No one can operate a coffee company as a charity. We keep 40% of the net profits and give you 60% of the net profits generated. The 40% covers shipping, salaries, and storage costs. This is on top of our production costs.

Sample Custom Label and Bag Types:


Getting Started

  1. Send us your label design and select coffee product.
  2. Pay $2.50 for FDA compliance review (mandatory).
  3. If rejected, we will email you. 
  4. If approved, you can begin selling the product on our store.
  5. Labels are free. You don't pay per label and you never run out of labels. They are unlimited.

How Your Label Should Look:

Size Requirements:

  • Maintain a 2:3 aspect ratio for the image file
  • The label will be 4" wide and 6" tall
  • Recommended image size is 1600px X 2400px

Net Weight must be clearly mentioned on your label. There are several Net Wt sizes available in our private label category. 

  • Net Weight can be 12Oz.1LB2LB, or 5LB with a private label. 
  • Net Wt must be on the front of the bag (or box for capsules). 
  • Must not be micro-text.
  •  Net Wt must contain ounces and grams or pounds and ounces and grams when 1 pound or more.

    NET WT. 12 OZ. (340g)
    NET WT. 1LB (16 OZ.) 454g
    NET WT. 2LB (32 OZ.) 907g
    NET WT. 5 LBS (80 OZ.) 2,268g

The net quantity statement (net quantity of contents) should be placed as a distinct item in the bottom 30 percent of the principal display panel, in lines generally parallel with the base of the container.

Look at food products in your home as examples. Net Wt is almost always near or at the bottom of product packages, on the front of the package, and in a larger text that is very very easy to read. It is never a super tiny text. 

Note: Net Weight and Ingredients need to be together with no intervening element between them.

We support 3 types of coffee grinds:

  1. Whole Bean
  2. Standard Ground
  3. Espresso

The coffee type should be clearly mentioned on the label.

If your coffee is the whole bean it should be displayed clearly on the label and it needs to be the most obvious part of the label. So this means that it needs to be the largest font and displayed in a prominent location. 

You have to be able to look at the label and know exactly what is in the bag. The logo will not count. So if you are named Coffee's coffee, you still need to have "Ground Coffee" in the prominent text below it. 

So for Ground Coffee, you need to put "Ground Coffee" prominently on the label. For Whole Bean Coffee, you need to have "Whole Bean Coffee" prominently displayed on the label. The same goes for Espresso.

Note: Net Weight and Ingredients need to be together with no intervening element between them.

What is Not Allowed?

You cannot add FDA or Fair Trade logos, badges, or any intellectual property to the custom labels.

Interested in getting started? Fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you ASAP.