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We’re raising funds for Itaewon crowd crush victims

By :Joshua Hall 0 comments
We’re raising funds for Itaewon crowd crush victims

So, the night we heard about the Itaewon crush incident. We were across the street. We had no idea what was going on. We went back to Haebangchon where we live and operate our Korean Branch. About 45 minutes after the incident occurred, we heard the devastating news.

It’s had a real effect on the community.. The next day we went by the memorial near Itaewon station to pay our respects to the victims.

Then we though to ourselves. How can we help and in what way as foreigners in Korea? That’s when we came up with a plan to donate all of our profits from coffee sales for the next two weeks (or longer if people are still looking to help) to the victims families. To help with funerals, flights, and other expenses. 

Even though the government has pledged to cover funeral expenses. There are still unforeseen costs that will not be covered. Our goal is to try and raise $250,000 or 356,000,000KRW to help the victims.

This is our community and has become our defacto home. On a personal and business level. We will do whatever it takes to help ease the burden on families and victims.

If you want to help out you can donate directly via the following methods:

Korean Donations:

Woori Bank


US Donation Info:

CashApp: $NordicFrostCoffee

International Donations:

For Media Inquiries Please Contact Josh Here:


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